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Company Description

Who is Wideey?

we are a dynamic and active marketing agency which has a focus on the Fintech market, we have all been doing this for over 15 years but together for around 6 years. We have witnessed and benefitted from the latest trends and new technologies in the industry and are able to implement them with great expertise.

Our strengths are to get new brokers the initial exposure they need to be taken seriously which in turn will greatly affect their conversion in a positive manner.

Wideey Marketing Agency

Our Vision & Mission .


To bring new dimensional advertising and Branding to clients who see value in what we do and to bring them fast and prompt results.


Committed to discover and overcome the key challenges that prevent a business from reaching its full potential.
We simply pursue what is best for the client.

Wideey B2b Marketing is  Innovating & Effective

we take pride in knowing which media will hit the market next and which once will make an impact this approach has proven over and over again to be the correct one if one aims to be at the top of our game at all times.

We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries and looking beyond the expected to unlock the power of your brand. With multiple departments spanning two offices, we provide support for industries ranging from technology to agriculture, manufacturing, professional services, healthcare, construction, Financial Services, and more.

At Wideey, we work with a range of medium and large businesses all across the globe, ranging from small clients to larger enterprises.

we believe in integrity, privacy and a long term approach making the clients feel like they are the only clients in the business.

We have an extensive team of in-house specialists who are dedicated to providing a unique insight into the challenges facing your business.

A tight-knit group that works best when we put our heads together, we’ve developed a propriety process that uncovers the power of sales and marketing alignment in your organization. Starting with the optimal client outcome as our goal, we lean on data to develop cutting edge strategies that elevate your marketing and sales success.

Customer Support

having a partner for your success is crucial if you look to make your brand stick and rise above the competition for this quality support is paramount.

Digital expertise

As a great marketing agency we have expertise across multiple digital marketing channels.


the key is that what worked yesterday migh not work today , we always will search and implement the latest technology and marketing innovations


Data, measurements, and analytics are necessary components of successful marketing campaigns That’s why we use these measures to track their success and iterate. and keep you informed on the progress toward achieving your goals.

100% Transparent

having open communication and sharing as much data as possible will only enhance the campaigns and increase the chance of success
Passionate and enthusiastic
we live and breath marketing and oyu will feel this our energy is passion is contatious, so beware.


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