Register as an Employer


When you visit, you have the ability to post a new job almost instantly.

We require you to register; this is as much for our needs and the candidates to make sure that the company/employer is a real entity, so how do you register. The process is easy and fast.

Step one. press the Register button

( if you click the sign-in by mistake, you have the option to be redirected to the registration page by clicking “sign up”)

  • In order to post a new job, you need to sign in,
  • in order to be able to sign in you have to have a registered account.

Press the registration button on the right top of the screen

register with Forex Jobs

The moment you have done that, there is a pop-up window coming up with the registration form.

on this registration for ou have 2 options,

  1. you can register as an candidate  ( Jobseeker and someone you uploads His/her CV )
  2. or as an employer to wants to post an open position for which he is looking for a employee

I this case, you press the Employer option where there will be a different registration form appear. the default is Candidate, so make sure to click the employer button


register 2

These details you fill out.

You have the ability later in your account to change details if you so require, so don’t worry if you make a mistake here.

The moment you filled in the details, you need to confirm you read the terms and condition and privacy policy; we advise you do to so.

After this action, you have registered. you will now

  1. receive a confirmation email from the system welcoming you to the service
  2. the ability to log into your dashboard  ( see the tutorial on the employer’s dashboard)