Tutorial: Candidate Dashboard

dashboard candidate

After you registered you are straight away logged into the system

we aim for you to have the shortest path to applying for your dream job.

you click on the account option on the top right side of the screen you get the dropdown of the dashboard. this allows you to go straight to the page you need or to the actual dashboard.





when you click the dashboard option it will take you to the actual menu that we will be discussing now

full dashboard of a candidate
the full dashboard of a candidate



as you can see the dashboard is divided into 4 different sections

Notification section – here you manage how you receive the notifications and which notifications you would like to receive.

Application statistics – this section shows your activity, the package part is irrelevant for Candidates since we do not charge for candidates to look for jobs and offer this service for free

Jobs Applied  – here you will see all the jobs you have applied for so you can keep track of your activity and process

 Menu Section- we will now go over each menu item separately shortly, some menu items receive their own tutorials as they require more in-depth explanation.



Profile Picture  –

profile on dashboard

you are able to upload a profile picture but do not have to. sometimes it makes it easier to land a position but we leave this up to the candidate, we just offer the option.

Completion indicator –  at this example, this is currently 15% this means that at least some information is inserted.

for your profile as a candidate to be visible to the employers so that they also will be able to find you directly, you need to fill it in at least 30%, this is not heard and you’ll get there easily enough, it just makes sure that the employer actually sees a profile that they’re able to contact and get some information.

then there are the options to complete your profile, this option has identical results as the Profile menu item so you can click also there to complete your profile.


My Profile  –

the My profile is where you explain who you are, this is the part where the employers will see the information, they will not be able to see it in your profile as they have their own dashboard but what you write here will be shown in your resume or Candidate Profile. there is a larger tutorial on this Subject, here

My Resume –

my resume is the place where you build your resume, there are steps involved but the process is easy and fast, that said there are some points we would like to point out. for that, there’s an additional Tutorial that explains exactly how to use and build your online resume with Forex-Jobs.com,  Visit the tutorial Here

Job Alerts –

under this Menu Item, the Jobs will be displayed for which you put an alert.

Applied Jobs Meetings –

Calendar for job meetings that are set

Favorite Jobs –

you are able to favourite Jobs so you will be able to find them faster, see this as bookmarking

CV Manager –

in our system, you are able to have as many CV’s as you deem necessary. for example, you can upload your own CV if it is not in English or even have multiple versions of the same CV.

To upload file size is (Max 5Mb) and allowed file types are (.doc, .docx, .pdf)

keep in mind that is it smart to tailor your CV towards the Job Position you are looking for.

Change Password –

you have full control over your password, this means you can change it at any time as many times as you want

Reviews –

you are able to review companies. let other candidates know your experiences with certain companies, remain respectful as we will monitor this to make sure that the terms of use are abided.

My emails –

employers are able to send you emails if you are for some reason are not able to chat, these emails are within the system and allow for direct communication with the employers.

on the profiles of the companies  ( you can a full tutorial on this matter here) you have the ability to send to the employer a direct mail, at the same time on your profile as a candidate the employer is also able to reach out to you through the mail system and all the mail and correspondence is saved under this menu Item

Following –

you have the ability to target companies, this means that you can follow and unfollow certain employers, why would you want to do this

not every employer is the same this means some pay more, some have better conditions or it even might be that you already know people working there or it is next door. either way, when an employer is in our system you are able to follow this company and will receive a message every time something’s updated concerning this company in our systems, this is new jobs and opening as well reviews from other candidates.

Message Chat –

we offer ou own chat, this is for the following purposes

  • schedule a meeting with an employer,
  • talk to employers
  • talk to our support

Log Out –
you can log out of the system, through this option. the system will also automatically close after a certain time of inactivity to make sure your privacy is guarded when you leave your computer, but if you choose to do it manually you will do it by clicking these options

Delete –

we have to see you leave but we hope that the reason you are deleting your account is that you are no longer looking for a job and have the one you were looking for. when you delete your account you will be unsubscribed from all emails and job alerts as well as from any other correspondence.

this also means that if you in the future require Forex-Jobs again you will have to build your new account and resume since w relly will delete your account.

for candidates, there is no inactivity threshold that we use meaning that even if you do not need the system you can leave it alone till you need it again, the emails you can stop and we can take you out of the mailing list for the period you request. when you delete the account this is final we have no means to bring the account back, so make sure that this is really what you want to do. regardless we wish you all the best and hope you have found or will find the job that fulfils your requirements and was looking for.